Andreas Neumann, Simone Menne, Joachim Hasenmaier, Hubertus von Baumbach, Allan Hillgrove, Michel Pairet (left to right), the Board of Managing Directors

Key Aspects 2016

If you compare the Group of today with Boehringer Ingelheim of just a few years ago, you will observe significant changes. As part of a comprehensive transformation, we have focused on human pharmaceuticals, animal health and manufacturing biopharmaceutical products. Correspondingly, we have further developed our corporate structure, aligning it with these business units.

Value through innovation drives us forward. Our persistently high investment in research and development, as in previous years, is proof of Boehringer Ingelheim’s clear focus on innovation.

Value chains are changing and require new networks. Our capacity for innovation and partnerships here combine as a crucial success factor. We will therefore seek to collaborate with partners even more intensely than in the past. Our goal is to continue to make a significant contribution to human and animal health in the future, thereby serving our customers’ interests.

In the current financial year, we will focus on implementing the steps outlined above. By acquiring Merial at year-end, we have reached the last milestone for the realignment of our animal health business. The outcome of months of successful effort is a globally highly competitive organisation. Integration of our two animal health organisations will now have a high priority in order to consistently expand our new market position.

In our human pharmaceuticals business, we are continuously working on safeguarding the market success of our new and established medicines. The further innovative concepts in our portfolio fill us with confidence.

PRAXBIND® was brought onto the market in many countries in 2016. It enables doctors in rare emergency situations to reverse the effect of the PRADAXA® oral anticoagulant in a few minutes. PRADAXA® is thereby the only product in its class which offers this option.

In the field of diabetes, we are continuing to work highly successfully with our alliance partner Eli Lilly and Company. Through our cardiovascular long-term outcome study EMPA-REG OUTCOME® we have been able to demonstrate that JARDIANCE® for the treatment of type 2 diabetes significantly reduces the risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases. It has even been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The European authorities have also seen the huge potential of JARDIANCE® and have updated their product information.

Another milestone will be the ground-breaking for the expansion of our biopharmaceutical production site in Vienna (Austria) which we want to expand considerably. Due to the competence that we have developed over many decades, biopharmaceutical production is an increasingly significant and recognised cornerstone of our company.

In the medium term, we will give priority to the further development of our human and animal health product portfolio. Further technological development will lead to fundamental changes in the healthcare sector, too, and we intend to take part in shaping them.

In the long term, we want to achieve significant progress wherever there is an urgent need for major therapeutic advances. In the past, we have time and again been able to help patients through innovative medicines – in the prevention and acute treatment of strokes, Parkinson’s disease or severe pulmonary diseases, lung cancer and, not least, diabetes. Drawing on these successes, we are confident of our future ability also to take away the fear associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s or schizophrenia.

In the past year, the changes outlined above have posed significant challenges for the organisation. They have entailed major personal changes for many people. Unaffected by these enormous additional efforts, we were able to close the financial year very successfully. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees for their commitment, their creativity and their passion for Boehringer Ingelheim.


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