The shareholders' perspective

2018 was a successful year for Boehringer Ingelheim. Success for us means having reached more patients and thereby having delivered a significant contribution to human and animal health. The favourable figures for 2018, which the company documents in this annual report, also testify to this success.

Our primary objective is and remains to maintain Boehringer Ingelheim’s independence. In order to be sustainable, we have to continue to remain competitive. For this we need innovations. Our readiness to invest more than the competition average in the research, development and production of innovative medicines, follows this knowledge – and at the same time mirrors the trust we place in Boehringer Ingelheim and all our employees.

Their high degree of commitment is decisive to our success. Shared guiding principles (Leitbild) and the goal of improving the health of humans and animals bind us together worldwide. The individuality of all of them characterises our culture and our values. All of them stand for the family-owned company Boehringer Ingelheim and help us to maintain our independence.

Our express thanks go to our employees who together have all contributed with great engagement and effort to realise our corporate goals.


signed by
Chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee