Janet Maldonado is the new Head of Engineering at BI X. The Mexican used to work as a front-end engineer for tech companies in Silicon Valley for several years. In her new role, she leads teams that are developing digital products to improve human and animal health.

Janet Maldonado enjoys traveling around Europe with her husband and two children in her spare time.
Janet, why did you choose to join BI X in 2018?

During my work in computing and engineering in Mexico and Silicon Valley, I had developed a deep interest in the healthcare industry. I find it fascinating to develop products which can help improve human and animal health. I knew that Boehringer Ingelheim was one of the leading pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, I did not hesitate for long when BI X offered me the job.

You not only changed jobs to join BI X, but also moved to Germany – a huge personal change.

I want to see as much of the world as possible, therefore I was really looking forward to taking on this new challenge in Ingelheim.

Your start at BI X was very successful. A few months ago, you became Head of Engineering. How has your work changed?

My work has changed fundamentally. In the past, I was responsible for developing our digital products. Now, I am primarily responsible for leading the teams and creating an environment in which everyone can grow.

Your promotion was the result of a certain selection process, where your colleagues nominated you to be their new superior. How does that feel?

It is a humbling experience. Initially, I had some concerns when the position was open. Not so much in terms of professional qualifications, but rather in terms of management responsibility. The nomination by my colleagues has given me a lot of confidence, as everyone trusted me with the new position. It is crucial to have the support of the team.

What makes BI X so special for you?

On the one hand, it is our team. We have a very international staff with colleagues from all parts of the world. We embrace the freedom we have here and take ownership and responsibility for the products we are working on. At the same time, we are part of Boehringer Ingelheim with its long history as a family-owned business. This combination is unique in our industry and makes this place so special.