The digital age presents new opportunities to pet owners and veterinarians. The United States have proven to be a good testing market for innovative digital products. PetPro Connect, a user-friendly app and web portal, is the newest example.

Providing effective collaboration between pet owners and veterinarians by linking them via an app and a mobile-based platform forms the key principle of PetPro Connect. Originally developed by BI X, the digital laboratory of Boehringer Ingelheim, PetPro Connect was introduced to the US market in 2018, first as part of a pilot program in metropolitan Atlanta. But with the worldwide spread of COVID-19, this pilot program took off on the fast track. Heath Wilkes, Director of Digital Health for the company’s United States Animal Health business, explains hands-on decision-making: “COVID-19 changed everything. Appointments to veterinarians were cancelled. We needed a digital solution. So, within 24 hours, we went live nationwide.”

PetPro Connect serves as a convenient solution in times of social distancing and beyond. Features include a messenger service, online appointments and scheduling, shareable medical records, and telemedicine consultations. The in-app program “RX refills” enables pet owners to order medicine online, directly from the clinic. On top of that, veterinarians can use PetPro Connect as a web-based portal. This is why PetPro Connect is a true allrounder for pet owners, pet care brands – and veterinarians, such as Russell Ridge Animal Hospital, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA: “PetPro Connect enables us to continue to provide our exceptional service while building stronger relationships with our clients through adding virtual care.” It is therefore not surprising that the app is a success story: Since its nationwide launch, PetPro Connect has become the fastest growing solution in the space, with over 1,000,000 pets on platform expertly cared for at over 1,200 clinics. In order to further accelerate the development of digital solutions for Animal Health, such as PetPro Connect, Boehringer Ingelheim created Pawru, Inc. in February 2021. It is a separate company within the Animal Health business unit.