Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

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Biopharmaceutical molecules play a significant role in the treatment of diseases, such as cancer or autoimmune diseases. As a pioneer in the field, Boehringer Ingelheim has been committed to advancing science and production to achieve medical breakthroughs for patients since the 1980s. With its new ­manufacturing facility in Vienna, Austria, this commitment is being taken to a new level.

By opening the Large Scale Cell Culture (LSCC) facility in October 2021, Boehringer Ingelheim set a major milestone to serve the growing demand for biopharmaceutical medicines and accelerate access to improved treatment options for patients with severe diseases. The company is an industry-leading manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals. With an investment volume of more than 700 million EUR, the new production plant is the single largest capital investment in the company’s history and has created 500 new jobs in Vienna.

The plant is designed to allow changeovers from one product to another within a short time as well as the simultaneous production of different products. The facility sets new standards with its technical designs: “We operate one of the most advanced biopharmaceutical production facilities in the world, providing an outstanding degree of automation, digitalization, and flexibility. The flexible structures enable us to supply patients with a variety of highly complex molecule formats,” comments Dr. Christian Eckermann, Site Head Biopharma Austria at Boehringer Ingelheim. For instance, monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, and other recombinant proteins can be produced at the facility.

Pioneer in biopharmaceutical Contract manufacturing

Research on chicken interferon

Establishment of the biotechnical center in Vienna, Austria, for the development of genetic engineering substances

Opening of the first biotechnical center in Biberach, Germany

First own biopharmaceutical product ACTILYSE® receives market authorization for the treatment of acute heart attacks in collaboration with Genentech

Entry into global contract manufacturing

Investments in large-scale production facilities in Biberach and Vienna

Acquisition of biopharmaceutical production site in Fremont, USA

Opening of biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China

Laying of the foundation for the large-scale production facility (LSCC) in Vienna

First market authorization in China for a product from contract manufacturing at the production site in Shanghai

Opening of the LSCC in Vienna

The bioreactors in LSCC provide a total volume of 185,000 liters, adding an additional 30 percent to Boehringer Ingelheim’s mammalian large scale cell culture capacity. The company manufactures innovative biopharmaceuticals at the facility for both its own ­product portfolio and for its contract manufacturing business.

The new LSCC plant is one of the most advanced of its kind. The production lines are fully automated and highly digitalized: This provides automation that continuously monitors and regulates the entire production process to drive consistency, compliance, and greater operational excellence. Generated data can be used for production process simulation and optimization applying artificial intelligence technology.

July 2021: Panorama with the new cell culture production facility from Boehringer Ingelheim in Vienna (right) and Quality Building (left)

Manufacturing operators monitoring the highly automated production process.

Bottom section of 2000 L pre-culture fermenters

Manufacturing operators supervising the highly automated processes in one of the main production fermenters.

Main production area with 12000 liter fermenters for cell cultivation.

Smart Glasses allow you to track the production process online via a computer „through the eyes of an employee”.

Remote controlled moving chromatography column for the purification of active substances in the cell culture area.

Manufacturing operator observing the highly automated production process on the screen.